We help establish relationships that empower our athletes to graduate high school, succeed in college, and achieve their ambitions.


We connect these young athletes with the necessary resources to successfully
complete high school, navigate the college entry system and create post high
 school academic and athletic opportunities.



We provide resources and information to aid student-athletes in achieving academic viability for post-secondary opportunities.


Many young men and women athletes have the dream of playing soccer in college but are unaware of the importance of academics and NCAA eligibility requirements, and lack the resources and support to guide, encourage and navigate this challenging pathway to college sports and academics.  The Soccer Scholars Foundation provides guidance to these individuals to help them navigate their way to higher education. 


Soccer Scholars are First-Generation college bound and/or low-income (NSLP), student-athletes (soccer players) who are committed to striving for the highest-level of performance they can achieve in athletic, academic, personal and physical performance. The goal of every scholar is to pursue and achieve opportunities in post-secondary education through their athletic talent and academic viability.


Soccer Scholars Foundation matches qualified mentors who share a passion for assisting young athletes in achieving their athletic, academic and personal life goals with individuals in need of such guidance. We believe that mentorship greatly benefits our youth in adapting to the challenges life poses. 


Soccer Scholars Foundation prides itself on forming strategic alliances which allow us provide valuable resources and assistance to our student-athletes.These strategic partnerships and collaboration with other nonprofit organizations, foundations and corporations are the cornerstone of our program.